ZS100-10 Multi Channel Laboratory Syringe Pump High Precision MicroFluid Transfer

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lab syringe pump
AC110V or AC220V
Syringe Size:
Flow range:
0.0001μl/min- 20.8223ml/min ml/min
No. of Syringe:

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Product Description
ZS100-10 is an touch-screen syringe pump with high precision,it supports for a variety of work mode. The 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen can set parameter quickly. Many instruction light confirm working condition accurately.This product support for multiple syringe to choose,to meet the needs of different experimental flow quantity, high precision control, and has the software hardware protection agencies and alarm mechanism.Supporting for Inject and Extract four work modes. Built - in RS485 communication,Supporting the Modbus agreements, wide range power input, adapt to various occasions.
ZS100-10 syringe pump is a delivery peristaltic pump, mainly used in liquid transmission and other applications that can be used for laboratory liquid transmission, used in a wide range of industries. ZS100-10 is different from other peristaltic pumps. ZS100-10 is an injection pump, which does not need a pump head and uses needle injection.
Model ZS100-10
No. of Syringe10
Min Flow Rate0.001μl/min(10ul syringe)
Max Flow Rate20.8223ml/min(10ml syringe)
Rated linear Force120N.m
Min Linear Rate0.6um/min
Max Linear Rate120mm/min
Syringe Size10μl ~10ml
Max Stroke100mm
Min  Step Rate12.8 step (1/128)/30sec
Max Step Rate85333 step (1/128)/sec
Advance per Mircostep0.0234375 μm
Linear Thrust 0~100% Adjustable
Work Mode4 work mode optional(infusion/ Extraction/ IN-EX/EX-IN)
Syringe setting10 groups data can be stored (The ID of the syringe can be directly input)
Setting MethodTouch screen + Keypad
Display Method4.3 Inch Graphic LCD
External ControlSupport RS485 communication protocol
Power supplyAC 100~240V
Working environment0℃-40℃
Dimension260×310×160 mm
Net Weight4kg

Function & Characteristics
The Dual syringes Laboratory Syringe Pump is Suitable for high precision liquid handling , Especially for laboratory application

·Support multiple working modes: injection extraction injection extraction injection
·The acceptable syringe size is from 10 μL to 10 mL. 
·4.3-inch color touch LCD screen is adopted for convenient and quick parameter setting
·Multiple indicator lights, clearly confirm their working status
·Support a variety of syringe options, can adapt to different experimental flow requirements.
·High precision control, soft and hard protection mechanism and alarm mechanism.
·Built in RS-485 communication, support Modbus protocol.
·Wide range power input, suitable for various occasions.

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