CR ZS100-04 Lab Syringes Infusion Pumps

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lab syringe pump
AC110V or AC220V

Products Description

Typical application

1. Monoclonal antibody production
2. Intermediate precision transmission
3. flow liquid high precision
4. transmission

ZS100 is a syringe pump with high precision, it supports a variety of work modes. The 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen can set parameters quickly. Many instruction lights confirm working conditions accurately. This product support multiple syringes to choose, meet the needs of different experimental flow quantity, high precision control, and has the software、 hardware protection agencies, and alarm mechanism. Supporting for Inject and Extract four work modes. Built-in RS485 communication, supporting the Modbus agreements, wide range power input, adapt to various occasions.
Functional Features
• Single and dual channels are optional, suitable for high-precision transmission of small flow.• Can install different specifications of syringes (custom), wider adaptability.• Newly upgraded operating structure, more stable start and stop, more accurate liquid volume.• The press plate adopts the rubber body to elastically fix the syringe, which can deal with the syringe of
fragile materials such as glass.
• Clever installation structure design, adjustable press plate and fixed plate, more flexible application.• 4.3-inch color touch screen, intelligent and convenient operation, clear and visible working parameters.• Multiple working modes:lnject、Extract、Inject-extract、Extract­inject.• Multi-function operation: RS485 communication , syringe protection, user data storage, liquid volume
calibration function, etc.

Product Description




No. of Syringe


Min Flow Rate

0.001μl/min(10ul syringe)

Max Flow Rate

82.6130ml/min(60ml syringe)

Rated linear Force


Min Linear Rate


Max Linear Rate


Syringe Size

10μl ~60ml

Max Stroke


Min  Step Rate

12.8 step (1/128)/30sec

Max Step Rate

85333 step (1/128)/sec

Advance per Mircostep

0.0234375 μm

Linear Thrust

 0~100% Adjustable

Work Mode

4 work mode optional(Injection/ Extraction/ IN-EX/EX-IN)

Syringe setting

10 groups data can be stored (The ID of the syringe can be directly input)



Setting Method

Touch screen + Keypad

Display Method

4.3 Inch Graphic LCD

External Control

Support RS485 communication protocol

Power supply

AC 100~240V

Working environment



260x204x143 mm

Net Weight